The best way to tour Meadowpond is to come to the facility, you will truly be impressed with the thought and attention to detail when it comes to the comfort and safety of our guests. Tours are given 9-12 7 days a week. We would love to show you around!


The PASS Suites

Our newest addition features 15 individual indoor/outdoor suites.

  • Local Residents or travelers alike can access the accommodations for furry family members on the way out or back into town 24/7/365.
  • Four HUGE play yards, turnout 4 times per day with the last time being 10:00 PM. On real grass.
  • Plenty of fresh aire and exercise…dogs leave here well exercised and happy! They are not cooped up in a kennel all day.
  • Pet owners who prefer to travel with their pet can have him/her close by their destination.
  • This specially designed Pet Resort to our knowledge it is the only facility of its kind in the United States. It is our belief that pet owners are perfectly capable of dropping off their pets in our hotel style setting. Owners are comforted by being able to see where their pets are staying and love the idea of unlimited accessibility.
  •  No “business hours” to meet. Travelers to our area can arrive any time.
  • Reservations can be conveniently made online.
  • Owners can include their pet(s) on outings, they have access to their pets! All you have to do is flip the sign that says “My parents picked me up!” So we know your dog is with you.
  • Each Suite is 5′ x 12′ with a 6” x 10′ outside kennel run that is 6′ high and covered for security and shade.
  • A doggie door allows each pet to access to their own individual outdoor area from 8 AM to 11 PM in addition to our play sessions.
  • The Suites are heated and air conditioned.
  • Each Suite is set up with dog sleeping platforms or bed
  • Hot & Cold running water in each suite.
  • Stainless Steel feeding and water dishes/buckets
  • Music
  • Privacy so there is no fence fighting
  • Security cameras that are monitored and DVR recorded 24/7
  • Certified Pet Care Technicians on staff.
  • Over 85 years experience between 4 staffers!

Fetch A Reservation

corridorWhen you enter the special Key Coded Entrance Door you will be in a long corridor. In total, there are 15 Suites. They are numbered to identify where your pet will be staying. They are also PASS coded to ensure that you are the only one (aside from Staff members) will have access to your pet.Those codes can be found in your confirmation email. Each suite has lights that automatically come on when you enter. The suite is set up with dog dishes, buckets, beds and a sink with hot/cold running water and storage cabinet for personal belongings

Pets have a comfy indoor area that is heated or air conditioned. The doggie door allows access to an individual outside 6 x 10, 6′ high fenced in area. We have a multi dog family suite that can comfortably hold giant breeds or owners that have many pets and prefer they stay together.


We have several large play yards. Our guests get to run and play on real grass! Play groups are determined by size, age and compatibility. Sessions are at least 3 times per day, for 35-45 min, depending on weather of course.

Please observe; at the top of the privacy fence there are white rollers, these prevent climbers from going over. There is also a static wire to prevent digging under the fence. This play yard (one of four) is 4000 square feet.

You may notice green tags on collars, these identify each dog, the pet’s name, suite number and our name and address on on each tag.

Hot days, we plan more frequent outings for shorter durations, the same is true with cold weather.

We do not turn out guests during rain or thunderstorms. Each guest has an indoor/outdoor suite, the outdoor area has a roof extending 15 foot covering the entire outdoor run for protection from the sun, rain or snow. In the winter a snow fence goes up as a wind and snow break.


Our Prices
Michigan's only 24/7/365 Pet Resort!
Makeover's are our specialty!
Pets stay and play for the day!