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Main office and Reception

As soon as you walk in you will notice the pleasant atmosphere.

All of our guests arriving during business hours check in here, their information in our database is verified. 

We get the instructions for your pet's stay, list their particular likes and dislikes, along with any personal items brought with them, verify vaccination information and feeding instructions and you are good to go on vacation!

Those who use our PASS Suites are registered online, charges are run and the suite is prepared for your arrival. There is a white board to write us a note if need be.

We are of course available by phone if you do not run into us while you are dropping off.


Luxury Boarding is in one of our large comfortable suites.

  • Suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs

  • Safe and Clean

  • Heated - Air Conditioned

  • Music played day and night

  • Comfortable bedding

  • Plenty of exercise Individually or in a group for the 'social butterflies'

  • Owner operated


We supply dog dishes and bedding

You may bring your pet's personal bed so he/she has something from home, or we will supply bedding.

Because there are so many brands of dog food available. You must bring your pet's own food. This will eliminate gastric upset from a diet change. Bring enough for the visit. We feed according to your instructions.



We have 5 Indoor suites. 4 of them are large enough to accommodate large breeds & families with multiple pets. Privacy panels separate neighbors, but they can see one another across the hall. 1 smaller suite is suitable for toy breeds.

The newest addition to our facility are 6 Pet PASS Suites (Pet Access Secure Suites ) These are individual pet suites with pet doors that allow indoor/outdoor access. They are specially designed for our clients who may be arriving to the area to vacation or arriving back home outside of our regular business hours. They allow owners to pick up their pets at any hour by using a PIN Code. 

These suites are also accessible for pet owners who want to retrieve their pets for day trips, PASS Suites are accessible up to midnight daily. The PIN is valid for the entire reservation. Expiring on a predetermined day and time.



Nightly Rates Owners with multiple pets please call for quote we give frequent visitor, multi-pet and military discounts.
Up to 30 Lbs $24.00 per night 
31  to 55 Lbs $26.00 per night
56 & Up $28.00 per night
  These rates include playtime in our play yard SEVERAL times a day well into the evening. Last go out is between 11 pm to 1 AM nightly.
Full Day $22.00     from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Half Day $15.00     4 hours  from 8-12AM  or 12-4 PM
Cat Boarding $17.00 per night 
  Playtime in play yard & affection is included in our service at no extra charge.

Boarding Policies

  • Advanced reservations are recommended
  • Just like a people Hotel charges begin the day of check in regardless of the time your pet arrives.
  • All boarding charges are prepaid.
  • All pets must be fully vaccinated, Bordetella must be done at least two weeks prior to arrival. If you can't do it two weeks out, please do not vaccinate your pet for this vaccine.
  • You must bring your pet's regular diet. Please do not change food or bring something different for a special treat! Dogs will experience gastro upset from changing foods.


Pets may be picked up or dropped off any time during business hours or after hours using our Pet Access Secure Suites.

There is no charge for boarding the day of pick up if the pet is picked up before noon Monday through Friday, 11:00 am on Saturdays, or during the Sunday 9AM-12PM time period. For out of town guests your appointment for drop off may be scheduled prior to your arrival at a local vacation rental by utilizing our Pet Access Secure Suites system.

We try our best to return your pet's bedding and toys to you in the same condition as upon arrival, however, some pets become excited here and may soil or chew their belongings. We recommend that you purchase a 'fleece throw' for your pet's stay and bring it along. They can be found at any Meijer, WalMart or drug store for under $5.00. You may bring activity toys, knuckle bones or if you allow them rawhide chews. Please do not bring squeaky toys!

Pets may be left at the resort and picked up any time during our business hours or up to midnight by using our PASS System.

You can schedule a full or half day stay for pets.

Dogs have access to our secure outside play area several times per day. We do have nap time! Over stimulated and tired dogs get testy. Nap time is between 12-4PM or any time they want to crash!

Verification of current vaccinations is required.

Overnight Accommodations  

We provide a safe, clean and well supervised boarding facility.

You are welcome to tour the facility prior to leaving your pet with us.

Dogs may stay in a kennel alone or with one of your other pets.  Soft quilts and blankets are ready for them as bedding or you may provide your own.

I am a Certified Pet Care Technician and have over 38 years experience grooming and boarding pets.

The following vaccinations are required. If you are not able to provide us with verification of these at the time of check in, we can call and verify with your pet's Veterinarian.


  • DA2PPL (Distemper),
  • Rabies,
  • Bordetella Recommended but not required if done, should be administered at least 2 weeks prior to arrival


  • FvRCP

  • Rabies






Send mail to reservations@meadowpondpetresort.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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