Meadowpond Pet Resort operates much like a people Hotel

Rates are figured by the night. You are charged for the night of arrival no matter what time you arrive, another days rate is figured after 12 noon the following day.

We base our nightly rates by the size of the dog and the handling requirements. If your pet takes medication there will be an extra charge.

  • Pets up to 30 lbs           $27.00  per night
  • from 31 to 55 lbs           $30.00  per night
  • 56 lbs and up                 $31.00  per night
  • There may be holiday rates in effect.
  • Daycare is charged the same as one day of board depending which category he/she falls in.
  • Cat boarding in custom Cat Suite is $20.00 per night
  • We do give multiple dog discounts.

Our service includes an Indoor/Outdoor Suite, at least 3-4 trips to the play yard daily starting at 8 AM with the last ‘go out’ at 10 PM. Pets are let out in small size and age appropriate groups of 3-5 dogs.

If your pet is not social we will do “Solo” play.

All boarding stays are paid on the day of arrival. We accept Cash, Checks and Credit Cards. Rates are subject to change without notice

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  • Pets are required to have current vaccinations
  • Rabies
  • DHPP (we consider all DHPP a 3 year vaccination)
  • FvRCP & Rabies (cats)

We do NOT require the Bordetella Vaccine and prefer if you get it, that it be administered at least 3 weeks prior to arrival.

You may bring personal items from home to make your pet feel more comfortable, please no Queen or King Size blankets, personal dog dishes, glass cups or dishes. Toys and chew items are welcome in reasonable amounts. NO FOAM or CEDAR filled beds for large dogs please. Unless your dog is elderly and will not chew.

You must bring your pet’s own food. This policy is to prevent diet change that will result in gastrointestinal disruptions!

We Supply
  • Dog dishes and Water Buckets
  • Bedding
  • Playtime included in pricing
You must bring
  • Your pet’s own food, enough for the stay plus a day or two extra
  • Vaccination Records
  • Treats that you allow
  • Any medications your pet may be taking
  • Instructions for medications

The best container for food is a large zip lock bag or plastic grocery bag. Unless your pet is staying for an extended time make sure all containers are disposable.

We prefer that you bring a blanket in lieu of foam or cedar filled beds or mattresses. You also may bring toys (reasonable amounts) treats.












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