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Our PASS (Pet Access Secure Suites)  are a huge hit!

Specially designed for the safety and comfort of your pet and ease of access for owners, these suites enable you to drop off, pick up and have access to your pet at any time. Especially helpful for late arrivals into town for vacationers or local residents. Handy for Daytrips for folks living or staying in the area so they may take be gone the whole day or for visitors to retrieve their pet for family activities.

Great for guests who are not social to other animals (or people).

Owners are able to access the runs with a special code generated in our office when you pre-register the run. Paperwork and instructions are on the labeled run, put your pet in his area, close gate, sign contract, take your receipt, say good-bye, pull door closed behind you and you are on your way! Fast, simple and convenient.

The PASS door is always locked so pets are secure. Eac owner has a unique code to gain access.

There is a minimal per night fee for short stays or by the week fee for longer stays.

Pets still get time out in our play yard unless owners request they not do so, however each suite has an individual corresponding outdoor run with a "doggie door" that enables them the freedom to go outside at any time, the door flap keeps the heat and AC inside. Pets have not had any issues going through the door. While your pet is at Meadowpond...we tend to all his or her needs.

All pets are secured indoors at night or during storms.

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      Gated area is additional security                       Key Code hardware entrance

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Awaiting an arrival            Manny & Rocko (guests) napping    Another View


There is a small code generation charge to use the Pet PASS Suites

Call 1-231-587-4071 for more info!





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